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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Are You Working in a Conceited Company?

How do you really know whether you are working in a conceited company or not?

Here are some tell-tale signs that are too obvious to be missed even if you keep your eyes tightly shut:
  • The top man is full of vain. He is only interested in becoming famous. He keeps on running after all kinds of awards, with most of them being utterly non-sensical and worthless.
  • The top man wants to do everything that he comes across. And his pet puppies always have the same answer to his quirks - "Yes sir!"
  • The set of clowns reporting into the top man have only one characteristic - they are foot-lickers of the top dog.
  • The set of clowns running the show go together for lunch, carry a sick, condenscending attitude and jumbo-sized ego.
  •  The clowns, who are are the trusted lieutenatnts of the top dog, walk around the company's corridors and staircases with a funny swag.
  • The top dog is the owner and the puppies are the co-owners. And hence they indulge in all kinds of funny and unethical actions.
  • Such organizations have a club of old-timers who are deeply entrenced into the organization's DNA. Since they have not worked elsewhere, they think they are "James Bonds". However, in reality they are "Sickly Retards".
  • The old-timers do what they want to do. They don't know what's going on outside the four walls of the company and are full of conceit and vanity.
  • The old-timers do all kinds of non-sense and the clowns and the top clown himself are a party to the non-sense that goes on in the name of strategic initiatives.

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